Friday, April 4, 2008

Virtual World 2008 @ NYC - Day Two

Day two was packed with excellent and informative sessions on so many interesting areas. I was able to sit in on part of the morning Keynote, as well as sessions on Virtual Law for non-Lawyers, Winning Strategies to Optimize Online Revenue, The Evolution of Games and Social Networks, and Capturing Their Brains and Eyeballs - Business Models of It is exciting to see the advent of AI and Virtual Worlds that the MASA Group is bringing to the forefront. We should be seeing some exciting things happen on Avgi Isle before long, linked to this technology.

I was able to spend quality time with Colin Dawn of Icarus. He is a graduate of NCSU and head of games design. What intrigued me was his fresh take of what is needed by undergrads coming into the Multi-Media Architecture emerging technologies market-place. Some areas he noted that should be addressed by those soon to be industry leaders included:

  • Linux
  • 3-D Principles
  • Logic - Discrete Math
  • Elementary Linear Algebra
  • C++ (not C#)
  • Networking Basics

Colin advised that they should also become familiar with every aspect of Flash, as well as XNA, Unity 3-D and Unreal Tournament (game with editor). This was echoed by over a dozen graphic based vendors I talked to over the course of the two days.

The impression I came away with, from this conference, is that the industry is in its very early stages. The statistic that over 80% of web users will be using some form of 3-D web (virtual world) by the year 2010 speaks volumes, if anyone is listening. A prime example is the ground breaking personal interaction seminars and forums being held on so many sims such as Avgi Isle in SL and the CDC work in

Highly recommend you go to and ask for a copy of his new book: Virtual Worlds: Rewiring Your Emotional Future. Do not forget to check with for their newest version of software after April 15th.

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