Wednesday, May 28, 2008

NISOD Conference - Austin - May 24 - 29

NISOD - International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence
Austin, Tx. May 24 - 29

Sessions Attended:
NISOD Presenter Orientation
Outcomes Assessment
Understanding Asperger's Syndrome
Integrating Ethics into your IT Courses
Humor and Multimedia as Teaching Tools for the Net Generation
Using Alice in Teaching Introductory Programming Logic
Motivating the Adult Learner Online
Using Technology to Evaluate Student Writing (ETS Criterion)
Developing Online Degree Programs , Using a Collaborative Approach with Industry Experts as SMEs

My presentation on 'Academic Uses of Second Life 101' was held on Tuesday at 1:30 - 2:30. The room was set to hold 48 and over 55 attended. The presentation was held in Room 4C/Level 3 at the conference center, on Avgi Isle in Second Life, via the web link and on the plasma screen at the Capella booth in the conference exhibit hall. The assigned room was as far away from everything as you could get in the conference center and yet we had standing room only. Encountered problems with the laptop and wifi.

I also attended Kathryn Campbell's 'Education that Transforms Lives: Capella University Online Graduate Programs for Higher Education." She very graciously provided me an opportunity to tell those assembled about the Undergrad program and how we could help their graduating students.

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